Ask Juliette

Ask Juliette – or – Ask A Vampire

Welcome to “Ask Juliette” aka “Ask a Vampire” a not so regular semi-regular feature here at

I answer all sorts of questions about life, love, Vampires, parenting, pets, possums, paranormal, wine, cheese, art, and anything else YOU need answers for or help with.

If you have a question leave it in the comment section below or send me an email message at juliettevampiremom @

So here we go.


  1. Ask Juliette: About Vampire Powers, and GOT
  2. Ask Juliette: Odd Dreams, Relationships, Possums, and a Question About the Vampire King.
  3. Ask Juliette: Time Vampires, Cold Vampires, Homebody Werewolves, and More Vampires.
  4. Ask Juliette: Popular Culture Edition
  5. Ask Juliette: Becoming A Vampire
  6. Ask Juliette: How can I tell if my girlfriend is a Vampire? Class Reunions. And other timely matters.
  7. Ask Juliette: Your Child’s Reputation, Man-Children, and Vampire Midlife Crisis
  8. Ask Juliette: Parenting, Ghosts, and Change
  9. Ask Juliette: Fairy Tales, Kid’s Sports, and Vampires
  10. Ask Juliette: Dirty Talk, Romance, and Dump the Chump Edition
  11. Ask Juliette: Political Fall Out, Social Media, Teens, and Vampires
  12. Ask Juliette: “I don’t want to do it” Edition, plus Vampires and Religion
  13. Ask Juliette: Unexpected and Exceptionally Fun Play List, 
  14. Ask Juliette: If you’re going to Pine you might as well do it with a straight face – and other advice.
  15. Ask Juliette: Just Shut The F Up, Justification for One’s Actions, Vampires, & Bat Shit Crazy Alien Abductions
  16. Ask Juliette: Pre-Halloween Vampire Edition
  17. Ask Juliette: Relationship Issue (and some paranormal stuff)
  18. Ask Juliette: Blogging a Book Series With a Bit of Parenting, and Vampire Questions
  19. Ask Juliette: Motivation for College Bound Teens, Swamp Apes, and New Books
  20. Ask Juliette: The Writing Life, K-Cup Hack, Vampires, Parenting, & More Vampires
  21. Ask Juliette: Ouija Boards, AGT, and Vampires
  22. Ask Juliette: Boyfriend vs Kids, Dogs vs Cats, Hairy Palms, and Dreams
  23. Ask Juliette: Blood Types, Werehamsters, and Possible Ghosts
  24. Ask Juliette: Internet Trolls, and a few other items of great importance.
  25. Ask Juliette: Relationships, Dogs & Cats, Quantum Physics, Paranormal Activity, and Vampires
  26. Ask Juliette: Jekell and Hyde, and My Brother’s Horrible Girlfriend (Friday Edition)
  27. Ask Juliette: Werewolf Edition, Plus Love, Pets, The Universe, and More.
  28. Ask Juliette: Hairy Backs, Sleepy Teens, and Naming Your Imaginary Peeps
  29. Ask Juliette: Feeling Blue, Looking Orange, Finding Waldo, Vampire Cats, and Poe
  30. Ask Juliette: A Mysterious Romantic Sonnet, and Keeping Track of Grandpa
  31. Ask Juliette: Difficult Questions about Family and Relationships
  32. Ask Juliette: Irish Snakes, Soda Bread, and a Wee Unfortunate Bit of Troll History
  33. Ask Juliette: Beauty, The Disgusting Beast, Plus What to Read Next
  34. Ask Juliette – Woodchucking, An Itchy Witch Situation, and Getting Published
  35. Ask Juliette: Just An Old Fashioned Vampire Story
  36. Ask Juliette: Stupid Vampire Questions
  37. Ask Juliette: Crappy Relationship Edition
  38. Dear Juliette (Ask A Vampire): Advice for Everyone
  39. Ask Juliette: Teen driving, night driving, wildlife, physics, and Dr. Who
  40. Ask Juliette: Cheating Spouses, Kids, Dating and Vampires.
  41. Dear Juliette: Stop bugging me. Let’s listen to music.
  42. Dear Juliette: Fashion, Favorites and Slightly Lame Answers
  43. Dear Juliette: Bedsheets, Baseball, and Blood
  44. Dear Juliette: Hairy Dating Issues
  45. Ask A Vampire


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